DEFENDING The Authorship of the Pentateuch

The documentary hypothesis is one of the models used by biblical scholars to explain the origins and composition of the Torah. A version of the documentary hypothesis, frequently identified with the German scholar Julius Wellhausen, was almost universally accepted for most of the 20th century.


Let it be borne in mind all along the line of our thought that we cannot come even into quiet possession of the truth without overcoming the opposition of forces, within and without, which would keep us from it; that we cannot, except by a high and sustained valor, bring our own lines into true and full conformity to the truth where so much is to be accomplished in molding character and life into this likeness, and where ...

How Can You Defend Your Belief in God?

  The God of Judaism and Christianity has become a very unpopular topic these days for Christians living among unbelievers, the liberal media, and the liberal entertainment world. It is fine to mention almost anything else, sports, clothes, same-sex marriages, Islam, immigration, abortion, and you’ll trigger a lively discussion. However, mention the God of the... Continue Reading →

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