GOD’S WORD: Oneness of the Spirit in a Rapidly Growing Church

Discover the profound significance of the oneness of the Spirit in the rapidly growing church. Explore how God's Word empowers believers to cultivate unity, face opposition, and fulfill the mission of making disciples. Gain insights into the principles and practices that safeguard and promote Christian oneness within the body of Christ.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Do You See the Need to Make Spiritual Progress?

Are you a Christian seeking to grow in your faith and make spiritual progress? Look no further than this article, filled with conservative biblical pastoral advice on how to deepen your relationship with God. Learn about the importance of prayer, Bible reading, fellowship, and spiritual disciplines in avoiding sin and growing in faith. Discover how to prioritize your spiritual growth and awaken to the need for progress, all while depending on the grace and power of God. Read on to uncover practical steps to take on your spiritual journey.

What is “Church” According to the Bible?

A congregation of Christians. A group of Christians, who gather for a Christian meeting, implying an interacting membership. In the Hebrew Scriptures, it usually refers to the nation of Israel, i.e., “the assembly of Israel” or “the congregation of Israel.” In the Greek New Testament, it refers to congregations of Christians, as well as the Christian congregation as a whole.

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