GOD’S WORD: Christian Modesty—Proof of Wisdom

Explore the significance of Christian modesty as a proof of wisdom in light of God's Word. Discover the woes caused by its absence, biblical examples of modesty, and practical steps for cultivating this essential virtue in a society that often values self-promotion. Embrace the transformative power of Christian modesty as a reflection of humility and wisdom rooted in God's guidance.

Pursuing Spiritual Riches: What the Bible Teaches Us

Discover what the Bible teaches us about pursuing spiritual riches and the importance of prioritizing our relationship with God over material possessions. Understand the promises of provision in the Bible and how they are not absolute guarantees. Learn from the experiences of Christians who have chosen to prioritize their spiritual needs and find lasting fulfillment in their lives.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Do You See the Need to Make Spiritual Progress?

Are you a Christian seeking to grow in your faith and make spiritual progress? Look no further than this article, filled with conservative biblical pastoral advice on how to deepen your relationship with God. Learn about the importance of prayer, Bible reading, fellowship, and spiritual disciplines in avoiding sin and growing in faith. Discover how to prioritize your spiritual growth and awaken to the need for progress, all while depending on the grace and power of God. Read on to uncover practical steps to take on your spiritual journey.

Is the Old Testament Ethical?

As a Christian conservative apologist, I explain the ethical framework of the Old Testament and how it has formed the foundation of Judeo-Christian morality. Through its historical context, laws, stories, and teachings, the Old Testament promotes principles such as justice, compassion, and forgiveness. Moreover, the Old Testament provides a theological framework essential for understanding the Christian faith and the historical context of the New Testament.

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