Christians, What Is a Worldview?

This in-depth exploration of the Christian worldview breaks down the essential elements that form our understanding of reality from a biblical perspective. Covering the key components of a worldview—metaphysics, epistemology, and axiology—this article lays out how a Christian sees the world, truth, knowledge, moral values, and life's ultimate purpose.

Is the Old Testament Ethical?

The prevailing prejudice against Scripture is that the Old Testament portrays a violent God of a violent people and is filled with narratives recounting horrendous events with disreputable people playing major roles. Is the Old Testament ethical? Here are some reasons why it is.

Christians—An Honest Person Tells the Truth

"An Honest Person Tells the Truth" explores the biblical mandate for honesty as an essential virtue that reflects God's character. It delves into the divine nature of truth, human responsibility to it, and the consequences of dishonesty, showing how honesty is not just a moral choice but a profound spiritual calling.

EVANGELISM OR SATANISM: Nine Parts World to One Part Christian

Contextualization, Seeker-Movement, or Seeker Sensitive Methods of Evangelism = Nine Parts World to One Part Christian: The book, Breaking the Missional Code: Your Church Can Become a Missionary in Your Community By Ed Stetzer, and David Putman is used in many seminaries across the land, including Liberty University. This author would argue that Breaking the Missional Code is just one more threat to the unification of Christianity. It propagates the idea that you are to mold your church to ...

The Dangerous Trap of Pornography

A 50-year-old married physician views Internet pornography for hours at home, masturbating five to seven times a day, then begins surfing porn sites at the office and risks destroying his career. A woman spends four to six hours a day in Internet chat rooms and having cybersex, and eventually starts arranging to meet online strangers... Continue Reading →

What Does the Bible Really Say About Homosexuality?

The USA has the only large mainstream church ever to consecrate an openly gay bishop (Gene Robinson), the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. A vast majority voted in an openly gay pastor of the biggest Evangelical Lutheran Church in Saint Paul, MN (Bradley Schmeling), as the senior pastor. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is now allowing openly gay men and women in same-sex relationships to be ordained as clergy.

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