Answering Agnostic Bart D. Ehrman on the Gospel Accounts of Jesus’ Burial

This article offers a detailed rebuttal to the claims and criticisms of noted agnostic scholar Bart D. Ehrman. With a focus on historical accuracy and Scriptural consistency, this article examines the Gospel accounts and presents a coherent and faith-affirming perspective on the burial of Jesus. It serves as a resource for those seeking to engage with contemporary challenges to the Christian faith.

CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS: Answering the Tough Questions: Evidence and Reason in Defense of the Faith

Uncover the truth and defend your faith with confidence. 'Christian Apologetics: Answering the Tough Questions' is your comprehensive guide to the field of apologetics. From the historical evidence for Jesus' life and resurrection to the scientific evidence for intelligent design, we explore the key topics and arguments in defense of the faith. Join us on a journey to deepen your understanding and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to engage in meaningful conversations and debates. Get ready to look through the history and weigh the claims in the balance as we delve into the fascinating world of Christian apologetics.

Simple Notes On Apologetic Basic Points

Christian apologetics is important because it equips believers with the knowledge and tools they need to defend their faith and share the gospel message with others. It helps to remove doubts and objections that may prevent people from accepting Jesus as their savior, and it also strengthens the faith of those who already believe. Additionally, it helps to build bridges of understanding and respect between different religious groups, promoting greater unity and peace in the world. Ultimately, Christian apologetics is about spreading the truth of God's love and grace to all people, so that they may have eternal life in Jesus Christ.


Christian apologetics is important because it provides evidence and rational arguments for the truth of the Christian faith. This can help to strengthen the faith of believers, and can also be used to persuade non-believers to consider the claims of Christianity. Additionally, apologetics can help to defend the faith against objections and criticisms. It can also help to foster deeper understanding and appreciation of the faith for both believers and non-believers alike.

1 PETER 3:15: When Others Demand an Explanation, How Do We Explain Our Beliefs?

Sometimes we are called on to explain our beliefs without the opportunity for advance preparation. Anyone has a right respectfully to ask another on what grounds he regards his true Christianity as true; for every man has a common interest in true Christianity and in knowing what is the truth on the subject. If any man, therefore, asks us candidly and respectfully for what reasons we have been led to embrace the gospel and on what grounds we regard it as true, we are under obligation to state those grounds in the best manner that we are able.

The Scope, the Range, and the Spirit of Christian Apologetics

APOLOGETICS is concerned with the previous questions of Christianity. It is that important branch of theological inquiry that investigates the great questions that lie at the Christian system's very foundations. At times, it ventures into the very heart of that system and undertakes to unfold its inner reasonableness and sufficiency.

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