Introduction to the Doctrine of Divine Inspiration of Scripture

Welcome to an enlightening exploration of the doctrine of divine inspiration of scripture. In this article, we delve into the foundational belief that the Bible is not simply a collection of human writings, but rather a divinely inspired text. Discover the significance of this doctrine and its implications for our understanding of scripture and our relationship with the divine.

How Do We Know Which Books to Include in the Bible?

Article I of Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy with Exposition WE AFFIRM  that the Holy Scriptures are to be received as the authoritative Word of God. WE DENY  that the Scriptures receive their authority from the Church, tradition, or any other human source. EMAIL QUESTION: How then do we know what Books the Bible is supposed to include and exclude... Continue Reading →

What Is the Danger From Within The Church?

“AS THE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARIES GO, SO GOES THE CHURCH”—J. Gresham Machen—The Christian Faith in the Modern World, p. 65

Should a pulpit committee hire a pastoral candidate from certain seminaries who staff their faculty with evangelical, critical scholars who will train your church people in God’s Word and lead in the spiritual development of your congregation?

Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy with Exposition

Uncover the profound significance of the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy and its accompanying exposition in this enlightening article. Explore the meticulous articulation of the doctrine of inerrancy by prominent conservative theologians and scholars. Through a careful examination of the statement and its exposition, we delve into the timeless truths and principles that underpin the belief in the complete and total accuracy of the Holy Scriptures. Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of this foundational document in shaping and guiding the interpretation of the Bible.

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