THE BIBLE: A Book That Is Misrepresented

Explore how the Bible, a book of profound wisdom, is often misrepresented and misunderstood. Discover the true sense of biblical passages amidst religious biases, skepticism, critical analysis, liberal interpretations, and the deceptive influence of Satan's world. Gain insights on approaching the Bible with trust, guidance from the Holy Spirit, and diligent study to uncover its timeless truths.

GOD’S WORD: United Worshipers of the God of the Bible

Discover the power of God's Word in uniting worshipers of the God of the Bible. Explore the key scriptures, biblical examples, and practical steps to cultivate Christian unity and embrace true worship. Join the global community of believers as we stand united in devotion to the greatness of our God.

Pursuing Spiritual Riches: What the Bible Teaches Us

Discover what the Bible teaches us about pursuing spiritual riches and the importance of prioritizing our relationship with God over material possessions. Understand the promises of provision in the Bible and how they are not absolute guarantees. Learn from the experiences of Christians who have chosen to prioritize their spiritual needs and find lasting fulfillment in their lives.

Hebrew and Greek Terms for Worship in the Bible

This article explores the various Hebrew and Greek terms used in the Bible to describe worship, including avodah, hish·ta·chawah, latreuʹo, and pro·sky·neʹo. It examines how the context determines the meaning of these terms, and provides biblical sources and book sources for further study. What did the authors mean by the words that they used, and what significance does that have for us?

Does the Bible Teach the Abuse of Nature?

Discover the Bible's stance on nature and its proper use. Learn about stewardship, dominion, and responsible resource management. Understand how Scripture affirms God's care for the natural world and the promise of redemption for all of creation.

CHRISTIAN YOUTH: How to Resist Temptation

Being able to resist temptation is a characteristic of true maturity and strength. There are six effective tips that can help you develop this ability, which can improve your resolve and reduce the stressful consequences of giving in. Resisting temptation requires self-discipline and practical steps such as knowing your weaknesses, anticipating potential temptations, and surrounding yourself with supportive friends. Find guidance from the Bible and learn how to make wise choices that align with your values and beliefs.

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