Building on the Rock: Faith Grounded in Scripture

In the context of shifting societal norms, maintaining faith grounded in Scripture is critical for a devoted Christian. Such faith draws its strength from understanding and accepting God's Word. Besides offering a solid foundation, Scriptural faith guides authority, doctrine, ethics, spiritual growth, discernment, worship, evangelism, and counseling. It involves continuous engagement with the Bible.

RENEWING YOUR MIND IN CHRIST: Embracing the Truth of God’s Word to Counteract Negative Beliefs

Learn to counteract negative beliefs by embracing the truth of God's Word as the ultimate authority in your life. Delve into strategies such as understanding the authority and power of Scripture, maintaining a daily intake of God's Word, applying His Word to your life, and relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Experience the transformative power of renewing your mind in Christ and walking in His truth.

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