Was the Woman Caught in Adultery John 7:53-8:11 In the Original and What Was Being Taught?

First, we are going to share the text of John 7:53-8:11 itself, which will then be followed by some questions from a Facebook poster, Moises Rodrigues Coimbra, with my responses, and then Old Testament Bible scholar Gleason L. Archer will address the capital punishment aspect. Lastly, a link to an extensive article on whether John 7:53-811 was an original reading.

7Q4 AND 7Q5: Cave 7 of Qumran Dead Sea Manuscripts: Are They Fragments of the Gospel of Mark and 1 Timothy?

Some eminent papyrologists, H. Hunger and O. Montevecchi, have affirmed Marcan identification. Still the debate of positive Marcan identification goes on; Some papyrologists argue for it,6 some argue against it, and one scholar has come up with a new identification altogether, namely Zechariah 7:4-5. In addition to proposing Marcan identification for 7Q5, O’Callaghan proposed identification of 1 Timothy 3:16-4:1 for 7Q4.

Beware As Most Skeptics are Seeking to Feed their Doubt Not Their Faith

Christians why should we not give the Word of God to all skeptics equally? Why should we not always correct the skeptical ridiculer? In what ways has Satan blinded the minds of the skeptics? Why should we get answers now? If insidious doubts ever begin to creep into our minds, spiritual shipwreck is on the horizon. “The Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith.” (1 Tim. 4:1) Why? How? Why should it trouble us?

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