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SPIRITUALITY: What Does It Mean to Be a Spiritual Person?

Spir-it-u-al'-i-ty: The state of being spiritual in the higher use of the word. It is purely a religious term and signifies the state of a soul vitalized by the Divine Spirit and made alive unto God. It covers the entire... Continue Reading →


THE EPISTLE TO PHILIPPIANS: Introduction to the Book of Philippians

The letter to the Philippians was a thank you letter written by the Apostle Paul in response to the Philippian Church’s continued support of him. The letter is the most personal of all the letters of Paul that we have... Continue Reading →

THE EPISTLE TO PHILIPPIANS: Preface to Paul’s Prison Letters

Paul was used in an extraordinary way by God to provide us with the writings that make up our New Testament. Paul wrote what is technically called “Epistles” – that means a letter, especially one that is long, formal, or... Continue Reading →

JOHN CALVIN: The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

What exactly is the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree? Fruit of the poisonous tree is a legal metaphor in the United States used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally. The logic of the terminology is that if the source... Continue Reading →

Is Slavery Always Bad?

The word slavery is used differently when it comes to biblical Hebrew, Koine Greek, and in common English (not a Bible translation). Even the Hebrew word (ebed) means different things. The Hebrew ebed can be translated slave, servant, attendants, bondage,... Continue Reading →

THE APOSTLE PAUL: Teach with Insight and Persuasiveness

Examples of Paul’s effective strategies are provided for the reader to apply in teaching others. Explaining the good news to new believers effectively will assist readers in being ambassadors for Christ. Paul’s teaching strategies for individual ministry and small groups,... Continue Reading →

Why Is Hermeneutics Important?

In short, hermeneutics is important because if you are not interpreting the Bible correctly, you will not find the accurate knowledge (Gr. epignosis) of God. Hermeneutics has rules and principles and if they are not followed correctly, you will come... Continue Reading →

JOHN 8:58 Theological Bias in Bible Translation?

First, it should be stated that every Christian has some theological bias to them, even Bible scholars, which would include Bible translators and textual scholars. Yet, bias affects some more than others. Thus, for the translator, it is simply a... Continue Reading →

Biblical Truth Brings, “Not Peace, But a Sword”

Certainly, each of us desires to have peace in our lives. Constant anxiety can take a toll on us, so we seek to avoid stress. We are very grateful that Jesus has given us “the peace of God.” That peace... Continue Reading →

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