CHRISTIANS—Are We Nearing Armageddon?

In this brief article "Are We Nearing Armageddon?", we explore the Biblical understanding of Armageddon and its implications. By delving into prophecy and examining recent world events, the article offers a profound perspective on this climactic battle, the great tribulation, and the future renewal of the earth.

Daniel 2:31-45; 7:1-8; Revelation 17:9-11: Six Kingdoms Foretold by Daniel and Eight Kings Foretold by John

The Bible says that different kingdoms have come and gone throughout history, each playing a crucial role in the creation of God's kingdom. The book of Daniel offers insight into these kingdoms through visions and interpretations. John's revelation in the book of Revelation also provides a picture of the last kingdom, the kingdom of God, and how it will be set up. The Bible gives a clear overview of the world powers that will rise and fall, eventually leading to the establishment of God's kingdom.

EZEKIEL 33:7: God’s Message to Ezekiel, His Watchman: A Call to Repentance and Faithfulness

This verse is significant because it shows that the Israelites are being held accountable for their actions and that they will be held responsible for any sins they commit. The watchman is responsible for warning the people of the consequences of their actions and calling them to repentance. This passage serves as a reminder that all individuals are accountable for their actions and will be judged accordingly.

WHEN AND HOW: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

First, we start with a brief introduction from Andrews that highlights the importance of always having the second coming of Christ at the forefront of our minds. Then, the article will delve into the specifics of exactly what the Bible has to say about the second coming of Christ by Bible scholars and theologians Millard J. Erickson, Walter A. Elwell, and Barry J. Beitzel.

Revelation 12:7-9: When Was Satan Cast Out of Heaven?

Shortly before Christ’s return, the devil will lose his status as accuser of the brothers. This will advance the kingdom of God, bringing joy to heaven but grief to earth. When does war break out in heaven and Michael the archangel cast Satan out of heaven? This will be the most in-depth study of this that you will find.

DANIEL 7:13-14: Is the Son of Man in Daniel 7 a Reference to Jesus Christ?

7:13, 14 Son of Man. The Messiah (cf. 9:27), Christ is meant; He often designated Himself by this phrase (Matt. 16:26; 19:28; 26:64). “The clouds of heaven” are seen again in Revelation 1:7. Here, He is distinct from the Ancient of Days, or Eternal One, the Father, who will coronate Him for the kingdom (2:44). The picture of old age is not that of being feeble; rather, it highlights God’s eternality and divine wisdom to judge (cf. 7:9, 10). - John F. MacArthur,

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