Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Essential for Salvation?

There is no other doctrine that has been so hotly debated in the last 2,000 years. Christians have literally killed Christians for believing differently. All other Christian doctrines have several different views. This is not the case with the Trinity doctrine, if one ever so slightly gets of course from the orthodox view, it is tantamount to heresy.

EPHESIANS 4:30: Can Born-Again Christians Grieve the Holy Spirit?

"Not to limit speech to wholesome, helpful words makes the Holy Spirit feel grief because of our behavior. We are not saying that you can never say anything negative. Sometimes we are forced to talk about unpleasant things, particularly in solving problems in which people are involved. Teachers, ministers, employers, coaches, lawyers, police, and so on, all find it necessary to tell the truth about someone even if it is unpleasant. Whether you are solving a problem or not, you avoid speaking unwholesome words. Your intent is to build up, not tear down, to unify, not divide." - Max Anders


Almost every religion teaches that there is something after death, a hereafter: heaven, hell (eternal torment), purgatory (a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven), or Limbo. Other religions believe in rebirth as a different life-form. The atheist and Agnostic say that we cannot know.


“That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection.”—Philippians 3:10. What trials may we not bear with this assurance? What is to be dreaded in death, if this is so? What glories rise to the view when we think of the resurrection! And what trifles are all the things which people seek here, when compared with the glory that shall be ours when we shall be raised from the dead!

CHRISTIANS: Jesus Is the Incarnated Truth

Jesus Christ was incarnated love and truth. And precisely what John witnesses is, that the Word did become flesh, and dwelt among men, full of grace and truth and that the blaze of this his glory was manifest to every seeing eye that looked upon him.

What Is Religion?

Why are there so many religions? Are all religions acceptable to God? Is it proper to leave the religion of one’s parents? What is the Bible’s viewpoint as to interfaith? Is belonging to an organized religion necessary? Is having a personal relationship with God the really important thing? If we personally read the Bible, is that sufficient? How can a person know which religion is right?

The Historical and Biblical Mary vs the Mary of Catholicism

When Mary Gave Birth to Jesus Was She Truly a Virgin? Was Mary Always a Virgin? Is Mary, the mother of God, Theotokos Biblical? Is Immaculate Conception that Mary Was Conceived Without Sin Biblically True? Catholicism Claims that Mary Ascend to Heaven with Her Body of Flesh, Is This True? Is It Scriptural to Pray to Mary? Is Venerating Mary's Image Biblical? When Alive On Earth, Mary Was She Honored and Did She Seek Honor?

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