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OT Vol. 17 – Proverbs

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Chapter 6 Wisdom Warns of Six Pitfalls to Avoid

Again, Solomon is offering advice or counsel to his son, which if heeded, will not only help him avoid the pitfalls of life, leading to a far more peaceful life but will also enhance his character among the people. Hence,... Continue Reading →


THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Chapter 5 The Pitfalls of Immorality

What can Christians do to stay safe in such an influential world that caters to the fallen flesh? We might have thought that a book, like Proverbs that is 3,000 years old would be out of date on such modern... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Chapter 4 A Father’s Wise Instruction

On a deeper level, where a young one's character is formed, children want to be told what they can and cannot do. They need guidance to help them adapt themselves to the world without becoming part of the world. Children... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Chapter 3 Trust in Jehovah with All Your Heart

Scripture makes it all too clear that Jehovah’s desire is that he has a close relationship with his human creation. For example, James 4:8 tells us, if we ‘draw near God, he will draw near us.’ However, many who are... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Chapter 2 The Value of Wisdom

We live in a world that is far different from the days of Solomon. We have so many things in life that beg for our attention, education, a career, a spouse’s possible career, child education, family and friends, fitness, doctor’s... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Chapter 1 The Beginning of Knowledge

In ancient times when books were scarce, it was only natural that views on life and manners should be reduced into the fewest words possible, which could then be more easily committed to memory. In those days, people carried wise... Continue Reading →

INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Extraordinary Wisdom for Everyday Life

Authorship Solomon is attributed as the author at the introduction of three sections of the book of Proverbs. (Prov. 1:1; 10:1; 25:1) This would be in agreement with that Solomon "spoke three thousand proverbs, and his songs were one thousand... Continue Reading →

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