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OT Vol. 17 – Proverbs

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: CHAPTER 12 Wisdom Contrasts Righteousness and Wickedness

INTRODUCTION Chapter 12 is a continuation of chapters 10 and 11. Again, we have wisdom contrasting righteousness and wickedness, with the exception of verses 9 and 14. Once more, Solomon is giving the reader multiple real practical life choices where... Continue Reading →


THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: CHAPTER 11 Wisdom Avoids Wickedness

INTRODUCTION Chapter 11 is a continuation of chapter 10 in that it contains the same form and type of sayings. There is the same type of most common contrasts between the righteous and the wicked, as the author makes observations... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: CHAPTER 10 Wisdom Instructs as to What Is Right and What Is Wrong

In Proverbs chapter 10, King Solomon helps us understand how a genuine worshipper of God may walk on the path of righteousness? What are the benefits of doing so? How will our walking with God be of benefit to others... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: CHAPTER 9 Wisdom Versus Stupidity

Many times, when we face a difficult decision in life, we seek out a second opinion from another, going to the wisest person we know. Wisdom is the ability to take the knowledge and understanding that we have acquired and... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: CHAPTER 8 The Blessings of Wisdom

King Solomon, son of the renowned King David, was not only very wise, but constructed some buildings that are wonders of the ancient world, wrote poetry, penned thousands of proverbs, built a kingdom up that was truly a foretaste of... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Chapter 7 Warning Against the Adulteress

Solomon sets out on the difficult task of helping his son (in essence all you people), to see that marriage is a beautiful arrangement, while a life of immorality will only bring pain and difficulty, if not death. The reality... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Chapter 6 Wisdom Warns of Six Pitfalls to Avoid

Again, Solomon is offering advice or counsel to his son, which if heeded, will not only help him avoid the pitfalls of life, leading to a far more peaceful life but will also enhance his character among the people. Hence,... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Chapter 5 The Pitfalls of Immorality

What can Christians do to stay safe in such an influential world that caters to the fallen flesh? We might have thought that a book, like Proverbs that is 3,000 years old would be out of date on such modern... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Chapter 4 A Father’s Wise Instruction

On a deeper level, where a young one's character is formed, children want to be told what they can and cannot do. They need guidance to help them adapt themselves to the world without becoming part of the world. Children... Continue Reading →

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