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Papyrus Manuscripts

Papyrus 4/64/67 (P4/P64/P67) Alexandrian Text Type (150-175 C.E.)

Textual Character: P4 is of the Alexandrian text-type and agrees with P75 and B 93 percent of the time. The copyist of P4 was likely a professional scribe. “P4 and P75 are identical in forty complete verses, with only five significant exceptions (Luke 3:22, 36; 5:39; 6:11, 14).”... Continue Reading →

Papyrus 1 (P1) Matthew 1:1-9, 12, 14-20 Alexandrian Text Type (d. c. 250 C.E.)

Papyrus 1 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering) designated by "1", "ε 01 (von Soden)", is an early copy of the New Testament in Greek. It is a papyrus manuscript of the Gospel of Matthew dating palaeographically to the middle of the 3rd century (c. 250 C.E.). It is currently housed at the University of Pennsylvania... Continue Reading →

PAPYRUS 75 (P75): The Manuscript that Changed the Thinking of Textual Scholars

The discovery of P75 proved to be the catalyst for correcting the misconception that early copyists were predominately unskilled. As we elsewhere on our blog earlier, either literate or semi-professional copyist produced the vast majority of the early papyri, and some copied by professionals. Continue Reading →

PAPYRUS 137 (P137): The Recently Published Earliest Manuscript Fragment of Mark

PAPYRUS 137 (Gregory-Aland numbering) is designated 𝔓137. It is a fragment of the Gospel of Mark in Greek. It is from a codex, which is written on both sides: the recto (right/front) side containing Mark 1:7-9 and the verso (back) side containing Mark 1:16-18. P137 has been dated paleographically to about 175-225 C.E. Continue Reading →

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