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NT Textual Criticism

DEBUNKING AGNOSTIC BART D. EHRMAN: ‘What We Have Here Are the Error-Ridden Copies of the Autographs’

Edward D. Andrews The Moody experience was intense. I decided to major in Bible theology, which meant taking a lot of biblical study and systematic theology courses. Only one perspective was taught in these courses, subscribed to by all the... Continue Reading →


Edward D. Andrews As we have noted elsewhere, the textual scholar looks at two forms of evidence: external (manuscripts) and internal (what the author or scribe wrote). Internal evidence concerns what might have led to scribal errors. Therefore, we will... Continue Reading →

The Original or Earliest Text of the New Testament

Edward D. Andrews This chapter may be somewhat controversial because many modern textual scholars are not certain that we can get back to the original text. Again, when we use the term “original” reading or “original” text in this publication,... Continue Reading →


Edward D. Andrews In the above is an image of five Nomina Sacra, the first four being divine names and the first four of the fifteen known. Nomina Sacra (Sacred Names): Various contractions and abbreviations that are found in our... Continue Reading →

The Reading Culture of Early Christianity and Their View of the Integrity of the Greek New Testament

Edward D. Andrews There is evidence of universality in the early orthodox Christian manuscripts. While the elite of the Roman society preferred the roll or scroll for their pagan literature, the Christian preferred the codex book form. This is even... Continue Reading →

Glossary of Technical Terms for New Testament Textual Criticism

Alexandrian Text: the Greek text produced at Alexandria, Egypt, where there was a high degree of scholarship due to the famous library and museum. This was undoubtedly responsible in large part for the more meticulous care taken in the copying... Continue Reading →

Why Textual Criticism Matters

Don Wilkins Now that we have covered many aspects of textual criticism, though certainly not all, I want to conclude by the "So what?" question that may well be in the reader's mind. I'm aware that you may have even... Continue Reading →

The Coherence-Based Genealogical Method (CBGM)

While this blog article is 22 pages long, the full article/chapter (110 pages) is out of THE TEXT OF THE TESTAMENT by Wilkins and Andrews. Wilkins has penned an easy to understand chapter, which covers a very deep and complex... Continue Reading →

Is the New Testament Reliable? (Agnostic New Testament Bible Scholar—Bart D. Ehrman)

Edward D. Andrews THIS BLOG POST IS BASED ON THE OFTEN MADE CLAIM BY BART D. EHRMAN: "We don’t even have copies of the copies of the originals, or copies of the copies of the copies of the originals." Not... Continue Reading →

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