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NT Textual Criticism

Glossary of Technical Terms for New Testament Textual Criticism

Alexandrian Text: the Greek text produced at Alexandria, Egypt, where there was a high degree of scholarship due to the famous library and museum. This was undoubtedly responsible in large part for the more meticulous care taken in the copying... Continue Reading →

Why Textual Criticism Matters

Don Wilkins Now that we have covered many aspects of textual criticism, though certainly not all, I want to conclude by the "So what?" question that may well be in the reader's mind. I'm aware that you may have even... Continue Reading →

The Coherence-Based Genealogical Method (CBGM)

While this blog article is 22 pages long, the full article/chapter (110 pages) is out of THE TEXT OF THE TESTAMENT by Wilkins and Andrews. Wilkins has penned an easy to understand chapter, which covers a very deep and complex... Continue Reading →

Is the New Testament Reliable? (Agnostic New Testament Bible Scholar—Bart D. Ehrman)

THIS BLOG POST IS BASED ON THE OFTEN MADE CLAIM BY BART D. EHRMAN: "We don’t even have copies of the copies of the originals, or copies of the copies of the copies of the originals." Not only do we... Continue Reading →

The Book Writing Process of the New Testament: Authors and Early Christian Scribes

In recent years, a number of scholars have suggested that Jesus could not read, and that in all likelihood none of his disciples could read either. They maintain this because of studies that have concluded that rates of literacy in... Continue Reading →

The Practice of Textual Criticism to Determine the Original Reading

Don Wilkins Collecting manuscript evidence is a laborious process, but it is a straightforward in comparison to the evaluation process. In the collection process, the goal is to gather as much evidence as possible concerning various readings of a specific... Continue Reading →

Secretaries in Antiquity and Their Materials

Edward D. Andrews One of the greatest tragedies in the modern-day history of Christianity [1880 - present] is that churchgoers have not been educated about the history of the New Testament text. In fact, they are so misinformed that many... Continue Reading →

The Making of New Testament Books

Edward D. Andrews As Luke, Paul, Peter, Matthew, James, or Jude handed their authorized text off to be copied by others, i.e., published, what would it have looked like? What is the process that the New Testament writers would have... Continue Reading →

Discovering the Bart D. Ehrman Mindset

The last 30 plus years has seen a rise in interest in what are known as pseudo-gospels, epistles, and apocalypses discovered in the 1950’s in Nag Hammadi[1] and other places in Egypt. Generally, these documents and others have been referred... Continue Reading →

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