HAVING poured out his feelings about those dear friends and children in the Lord at Philippi, the Apostle recognizes corresponding feelings on their part towards him. These. must naturally be feelings of anxiety to know how it was with him in body and spirit and how far he had been protected and sustained amid the dangers and sorrows of a prisoner’s lot.

The Revelation In a Son – Hebrews 1:1-3

The eternal silence has been broken. We have a revelation. That God has spoken unto men is the ground of all religion. Theologians often distinguish between natural religion and revealed. We may fairly question if all worship is not based on some revelation of God. Prayer is the echo in man’s spirit of God’s own voice. Men learn to speak to the Father Who is in heaven as children come to utter words: by hearing their parent speak. God speaks first, and prayer answers as well as asks. Men reveal themselves to the God Who has revealed Himself to them.

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