Is the New Testament Trustworthy?

As the Christian faith encounters new challenges in contemporary society, the question arises: How should we treat these challenges? This article provides a deep dive into the Biblical principles that can guide Christians in responding effectively and faithfully to modern-day obstacles to the faith.

Christians—Who Are You to Judge Others?

Navigating the complicated terrain of judging others as Christians. How can we reconcile the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 7:1 with the broader Scriptural mandate to evaluate actions righteously? Learn the distinction between righteous and condemnatory judgments and how to balance the two in a Christian life.

Does the New Testament Misquote the Old Testament?

The question of whether the New Testament misquotes the Old Testament has perplexed many. This article sheds light on how first-century Jewish hermeneutics and the apostolic understanding of 'fulfillment' offer a more nuanced perspective, demonstrating that the New Testament writers engaged their Scriptures with theological depth.

Are Biblical Miracles Imitations of Pagan Myths?

This article challenges the frequently encountered claim that biblical miracles, especially those of Jesus, are derivative of pagan myths. Examining the differences in philosophical underpinnings, historical authenticity, and lack of parallel accounts, we demonstrate that biblical miracles stand apart as unique markers of divine intervention.

How Should a Christian Understand Postmodernism?

In an era where "truth isn't what it used to be," understanding postmodernism is crucial for Christians. This article dives into the core principles of postmodern thought, its inconsistencies, and how a Christian should navigate a world increasingly shaped by postmodern ideology. Scripture serves as our guiding lens, presenting an objective and rational alternative to postmodern relativism.

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