CHRISTIAN COUNSELING: From Pedophilia to “Minor Attracted Person” (MAP)

CHRISTIAN COUNSELING: Explore the complexities of Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) and the importance of balancing support, safety, and accountability. Discover prevention and intervention strategies, the role of mental health professionals, and steps towards fostering understanding and open dialogue. Minors can take several steps to protect themselves from potential harm posed by Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) or other individuals who may engage in inappropriate or harmful behaviors.

Could AI (Artificial Intelligence) go ‘Terminator’ and Gain the Upper Hand over Humans?

Discover the impact of technological advancements on society over time and how it has led to progress, innovation, and job creation. From communication to healthcare, technology has transformed the world we live in. Learn about the changes that have taken place and their effects on the economy and society. TERMINATOR?: the possibility of an AI gaining an upper hand over humans cannot be ruled out. Discover more.

God, Guns, & the Bible

Should Christians Own a Gun? The act of self defense in association with the use of a gun is a topic that remains highly controversial amongst society - especially Christians.

Biblically, Should Christians Get the COVID-19 Vaccination?

This article is not to appease anyone but God and the truth. Some information will make some happy and anger others. Other information herein will make the opposite people happy and anger the others. I am not a doctor, I am not a scientist, I am a Christian apologist Bible scholar who is beholden to no one but God.

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