INSPIRATION and the Bible

The Holy Scriptures belongs to the conception of Scripture that, though originating "by the prophets in many portions and in many ways" (Heb. 1:1), it should yet, in its completeness, constitute a unity, evincing, in the spirit and purpose that bind its parts together, the Divine source from which its revelation comes.

Did Matthew Write his Gospel First in Hebrew?

There is no fact relating to the history of the Gospel that is more completely and adequately established. If we look at every early church writer who has addressed this subject, he has borne witness to the same thing. This succession of historical evidence, which is adequate enough to establish the fact that Matthew initially wrote his Gospel in Hebrew.

Did Jesus Christ Believe Inerrancy of Scripture?

The first formulations of the doctrine of inerrancy had not been established according to the authority of a council, creed, or church, until the post-Reformation period. The critic would argue how could Jesus have believed in a view that was not in existence until 1,500 years after his life. How would you respond?

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