CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY: Word, Word of God, Word of Jehovah

The Bible is the inspired, fully inerrant, authoritative "Word of God." The Bible is referred to as the Word of God, meaning it can be considered a direct line of communication from the Almighty God, penned by the authors of the respective books. The meaning is what the authors meant by the words that they used.

EARLY CHRISTIANITY: First Century Christians

Christian was the term used to designate Christ’s early followers, as groups or as individuals. In the earliest years of the Christian era, when the church was unified, no denominational names (such as Baptist or Roman Catholic) existed. Local churches did not have names but were known by their locations (such as “the church at Ephesus”). Nor was there a single official name for the new Christian movement. Many designations were used for the followers of Christ, and these changed as the historical situation changed.


INTRODUCTION: In the second chapter of Philippians, we will discover what the pattern of our life should be. Paul has helped us understand what the center of our life should be – Christ. Philippians chapter 2 is filled mainly with urging to carry out different Christian responsibilities and the public display of Christian integrity.

CARNAL CHURCH: A Message to the Church in Pergamum

The city of Pergamum was the capital city of Asia Minor. It was renowned for its political power, its intellectual achievement and its pagan worship. It was a wealthy city given over to luxury and fashion. There are two special features that caused Pergamum to stand out in its time.

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