Diagnosing the Health of the Church (Ephesus 2:1-7)

It is clear from this letter to the church in Ephesus that Christians can lose their first love. They can become busy in the Lord's workout of duty rather than love. The challenge is to be filled with fervent, emotional, extravagant love for Jesus. The heart can grow cold to God. Christian zeal for the Lord can diminish. Every Christian church needs to conduct a spiritual audit to ascertain if it needs to remember, repent, repeat the first works, and return to first love.

The Book of Ezra

"We are taken from ground level, with its distortions and limited vision, and given a view from above. At this clarifying distance, we see that life on earth is not directed by the whim of rulers or the might of armies, but by the determination of God. Viewpoint makes all the difference in the world. God's all-encompassing sovereignty and humanity's capacity for choice exist together. God—absolute and unrivalled in his actions and authority; man—free and responsible." - Max Anders, Knute Larson, Kathy Dahlen.

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