The Book of Haggai

"The prophet Haggai also talked about commitment. He called on his fellow Jews in ancient Israel to commit themselves to serve the Lord. Today's believers should heed Haggai's call as well. Planet Earth is in chaos, and its only hope is Christ." - Stephen Miller

The Book of Zephaniah

Although Zephaniah lived more than twenty-six hundred years ago, his prophecy contains a timely message for our modern world. God does not change. He is a jealous God who demands that we worship him alone and a holy God who requires that we be holy. He is merciful and forgives, but unrepentant sin will bring his judgment. For the penitent God promises a glorious future." - Stephen Miller

Christian Wives Build Up Their Households

A spiritually wise, hardworking, conscientious, productive, and prudent wife by the wise organization of her household encourages and supports the wellbeing of the family. She plays a crucial, really essential role as she assists in the religious education of the children, caring for the household, and working with her husband.

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