WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY: When Was Jesus Born? Why is Christmas on December 25? Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Let me begin by saying, none of you know where this article is going. But what I can tell you is that it will be factual, biblically grounded, and historically grounded. I can also tell you that it will be brief and to the point. However, we will have another linked article herein that will dig deeper for those interested. If you are interested in an objective answer to these three questions, please continue reading. 

The Book of Leviticus

Third book of the OT containing instructions for priests and worship. The Hebrew name of Leviticus comes from the first word in the book, wayyiqraʾ, “and he called.” In the later rabbinic works and similarly in the Syuriac translation, the Peshitta, the book was called torat hohanim, “book of the priests.” The English title comes from the Latin Vulgate translation of the Greek term Leuitikon. This is an adjectival form, “Levitical,” which thus means “that which concerns the priests.”

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