JAMES 5:14-16 and COVID 19: Is Faith Healing After First Century Christianity Biblical?​

When we study the Bible, we will find several significant inconsistencies between the cures mentioned in the Bible and those reported by faith healers today. Faith healers claim to perform miraculous healings. However, Jesus himself seriously warned against persons who would claim to have “perform many miracles” in his name. He would say to them: “I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.” (Matthew 7:22-23) 

HEBREWS 2:1: How Are We to Understand the Exhortation to Pay Much Closer Attention So That You Do Not Drift Away?

The idea of drifting away compared the audience to a boat sailing past warning signs to meet destruction and ruin on a rocky shore or in a raging rapid. The Hebrews needed to do something. They were listless while their situation demanded positive action. “Pay attention to your plight,” said our writer, “lest you carelessly fall into ruin.” – Thomas D. Lea