What Does the Bible Really Teach or Say About “Truth”?

What do the Hebrew and Greek terms that are rendered truth mean exactly? Is there a distinction between Greek and Hebrew conceptions of truth? In what sense is the Father “the God of truth.” What is the meaning of the statement that Jesus Christ is himself “the truth”?  How are we to under the Holy Spirit as “the Spirit of the truth”? How is it that God’s Word is truth? How is the creation of all things a testimony to the truth? What does it mean to ‘walking in the truth’?


“Peter and John were arrested at the temple; Paul, Barnabas, and Silas were thrown out of numerous synagogues; Martin Luther was exiled from the Roman Catholic church. These verses spin directly from John 15:18–20 where the Lord had predicted persecution because of hatred by the world. From Stephen to the thousands of modern martyrs, witnesses for Jesus have always faced the possibility of death. There were more martyrs for the Christian faith in the twentieth century than all previous centuries put together.” – Kenneth O. Gangel