“God’s Word is living. God is a living God (Heb. 3:12). His message is dynamic and productive. It causes things to happen. It drives home warnings to the disobedient and promises to the believer. God’s Word is active, an emphasis virtually identical in meaning with the term living. God’s Word is not something you passively hear and then ignore. It actively works in our lives, changes us, and sends us into action for God.” – Thomas D. Lea


Pay constant attention to yourself and to your teaching.—1 Tim. 4:16.

“Timothy could effectively control only himself. We are the only person over whom we have immediate authority. My ability to lead and influence others is connected to my ability to manage and live my own life well. The Christian life hinges on conduct (life) as empowered by God’s Spirit and correct faith (doctrine). Paul could not emphasize it enough: persevere in [Christian life and doctrine]. Perseverance is evidence of salvation; a disciplined person is willing to continue in God’s way. Such commitment will be tried again and again.” – Knute Larson


Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.—2 Cor. 3:17.

Many people in many countries are trying to change the form of government through protest, seeking freedoms. The apostle Paul in his letters had much to say about freedom. Nevertheless, his decades of traveling the Roman Empire in his ministry, Paul did not focus on social or political reform, as was the case with the people throughout the Roman Emire. He did not look to human rulers for his freedom, but rather he focused on the good news of the kingdom and the ransom sacrifice of Christ. This was the true source of Freedom. This does not mean that Paul never considered the Roman Empire and local governments as a way of acquiring peace while we await Christ, as he did.

How Can the Bible Be Fully Inerrant, If there Are Scientific Errors In It?

We do not have to even delve into the deeper things of science in order to resolve this Bible difficulty. Sometimes I think the atheist scientist is seeking to confuse and confound the churchgoer with all of his deep science-speak. When it appears that science and the Bible are at odds with each other, it is automatically assumed that the Bible is wrong and science is right. Within this brief, easy to understand article, we give you how you can respond.

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