Christians should show works of love to prove their faith is real. When Paul warned that a person could not be saved by “works,” he referred to the works of obedience to the Jewish law (Rom. 3:20). When James called for deeds, he was not suggesting that these deeds resulted in salvation. He was calling for Christians to do what living faith naturally does: show care and concern for those in need. Acts 6:1–4; 9:36–43; 20:34–35; Romans 15:25–27; 1 Timothy 5:1–16; and many other Scriptures show Christians and churches in action meeting needs. – Thomas D. Lea.

DRIFTING AWAY: Avoid an Evil, Unbelieving Heart, in Falling Away from the Living God!

The truths of God’s Word will not benefit us unless we give heed to them. It will not save us that the Lord Jesus has come and spoken to people unless we are disposed to listen. It will not benefit us that the sun shines unless we open our eyes. Books will not help us unless we read them; medicine, unless we take it; nor will the fruits of the earth sustain our lives, however rich and abundant they may be, if we disregard and neglect them. So with the truths of God’s Word. There is truth enough to save the world – but the world ignores and despises it. Many Christians barely study it.

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