What Did Jesus Say About Homosexuality?

In his blog article, Jesus and "Homosexuality," the happy Agnostic NT textual and early Christianity scholar Dr. Bart D. Ehrman says, “I start with Jesus.  And here the conversation is quite easy.  In our surviving records Jesus says nothing about same-sex acts or sexual orientation.  Nothing.  Nada.” Really? ...

DRIFTING AWAY: Avoid an Evil, Unbelieving Heart, in Falling Away from the Living God!

The truths of God’s Word will not benefit us unless we give heed to them. It will not save us that the Lord Jesus has come and spoken to people unless we are disposed to listen. It will not benefit us that the sun shines unless we open our eyes. Books will not help us unless we read them; medicine, unless we take it; nor will the fruits of the earth sustain our lives, however rich and abundant they may be, if we disregard and neglect them. So with the truths of God’s Word. There is truth enough to save the world - but the world ignores and despises it. Many Christians barely study it.

1 CORINTHIANS 16:13: Paul Exhorted Men to ‘Act Like Men, Be Strong.’ Is This a Case of Toxic Masculinity?

1 Corinthians 16:13 Updated American Standard Version (UASV) 13 Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. "God calls Christians to a way of life that incites opposition from the world. He calls his people to enter a spiritual war in which opponents seek believers’ destruction and fight against believers’ goals. In this hostile world, it is essential that followers of Christ be courageous and strong." - Richard L. Pratt Jr.

JOHN 17:24: Christ’s Desire for His People

IF our minds were in perfect harmony with the mind of Christ our views would in many respects be greatly altered. Many things that we now desire and long for would lose much of their attractiveness, and other things that we dread and shrink from would cease to be unwelcome. ...

THE CULTURE WAR: The Christian Root of Western Civilization

The anti-traditionalist movement has distorted the view of European history to such a degree that many have forgotten its greatness and foundational values. Ideas that people now consider secular are deeply rooted in Christianity. For example, it was Christianity that introduced humanity the principle of equality and the value of a human being, regardless of class, gender, and race. 

CHRISTIANS: The Spirit Versus the Flesh

"Paul demonstrates the need for the Holy Spirit’s enablement. The Christian will, this side of heaven, always experience conflict between the Holy Spirit and the flesh. Here flesh is not limited to the physical dimension of man but denotes anything less than and other than God in which man places trust that belongs to God alone." — Max Anders

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