What Does the Bible Teach or Say About Anger?

In the Bible several different Hebrew and Greek words are used to denote anger. Anger is an intense emotional reaction, sometimes directly expressed in overt behavior and sometimes remaining a largely unexpressed feeling. The word normally used in the Bible to refer to an emotion considered sinful. All of us have gotten angry. Should we vent our anger or should we contain it? How can God’s Word help?


Paul uses the same Greek word in Romans 3:28; 4:2, 5; and 5:1 (“justified”) to describe the righteousness God credits to a believer through faith in Jesus Christ. James uses the word to describe the righteousness we show to others as we obey Jesus. The saving faith of Abraham showed itself by his total obedience to God in the matter of offering up Isaac. The faith James commended moves the heart and controls the life. Again, James was demanding that true faith must be alive and vital. – Thomas D. Lea.