THE CULTURE WAR: The Christian Root of Western Civilization

The anti-traditionalist movement has distorted the view of European history to such a degree that many have forgotten its greatness and foundational values. Ideas that people now consider secular are deeply rooted in Christianity. For example, it was Christianity that introduced humanity the principle of equality and the value of a human being, regardless of class, gender, and race. 


“In contrast to the ‘acts of the flesh’ presented above, those who are obedient to the Holy Spirit produce beautiful, nourishing spiritual fruit. Notice the fruit in this passage is called the fruit of the Spirit, not the fruit of self-effort. This fruit the Holy Spirit produces in the life of a faithful Christian. In other passages of Scripture, we are commanded to fulfill the individual characteristics. The answer to this seeming paradox, I believe, is that only the Holy Spirit can produce the fruit; but he will not do so unless we are striving to the best of our ability for them in faithful obedience.” – Max Anders.