What Does the Bible Teach or Say About Anger?

In the Bible several different Hebrew and Greek words are used to denote anger. Anger is an intense emotional reaction, sometimes directly expressed in overt behavior and sometimes remaining a largely unexpressed feeling. The word normally used in the Bible to refer to an emotion considered sinful. All of us have gotten angry. Should we vent our anger or should we contain it? How can God's Word help?

What is “Church” According to the Bible?

A congregation of Christians. A group of Christians, who gather for a Christian meeting, implying an interacting membership. In the Hebrew Scriptures, it usually refers to the nation of Israel, i.e., “the assembly of Israel” or “the congregation of Israel.” In the Greek New Testament, it refers to congregations of Christians, as well as the Christian congregation as a whole.


Imperfect humans are inclined to compare themselves with others. Then, they tend to draw conclusions about the value or importance based on their value system. Imperfection makes us prone to compare ourselves with others and to draw conclusions about others that tend to be unfair and unjust. Are there times or circumstances when we are to judge others? Or, do we always avoid judging others?

No Agnostic Can be Valiant for Truth

Bart D. Ehrman is one of the most renowned and controversial Bible scholars in the world today. However, Ehrman is also a world-renowned New Testament textual and early Christianity scholar, who literally refers to himself as the "Happy Agnostic."

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