Remembering Larry W. Hurtado, Leading NT Textual Scholar and Researcher of Early Christianity

Larry W. Hurtado (December 29, 1943 – November 25, 2019) was a New Testament scholar, historian of early Christianity and Emeritus Professor of New Testament Language, Literature and Theology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (Professor 1996–2011). He was the Head of the School of Divinity 2007–2010, and was until August 2011 Director of the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins, at the University of Edinburgh.... Continue Reading →

Destroying Every False Reasoning That Is Against the Knowledge of God!

“STOP,” came the warning from the apostle Paul. Stop what? “Stop being conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.' (Rom. 12:2) Paul wrote those words to the first-century Christians. Why did he find it necessary to give such strong warnings to men and women who were committed, devoted, dedicated to God and anointed with the Holy Spirit?

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