Miles Coverdale’s English Bible (1535)

"Miles Coverdale was a Cambridge graduate who, like Tyndale, was forced to flee England because he had been strongly influenced by Luther to the extent that he was boldly preaching against Roman Catholic doctrine." - Philip Wesley Comfort

Middle English Bible Versions and John Wycliffe

So far as we know, the first complete English Bible was due to the influence and activity of John Wycliffe (c. 1330-84), an eminent Oxford theologian, called the "morning star of the Reformation" because of the religious convictions that he developed and propagated.

Anglo-Saxon Bible Versions

The story of the English Bible begins with the introduction of Christianity into Britain. When and how that happened are obscure but in the third century Tertullian and Origen witness to the existence of British churches, the former stating that there were places in Britain subject to Christ which Roman arms had not been able to penetrate.

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