“He that winneth souls is wise.”—Prov. 11:30. The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life: The righteous person, by speech, conduct, and example, that is, fruit or fruitage (Heb. peri), he captures or wins souls, namely, by the person (soul) listening to the righteous one, he gets spiritual food, and he is then led to serve God, and he... Continue Reading →

The Historical and Biblical Mary vs the Mary of Catholicism

When Mary Gave Birth to Jesus Was She Truly a Virgin? Was Mary Always a Virgin? Is Mary, the mother of God, Theotokos Biblical? Is Immaculate Conception that Mary Was Conceived Without Sin Biblically True? Catholicism Claims that Mary Ascend to Heaven with Her Body of Flesh, Is This True? Is It Scriptural to Pray to Mary? Is Venerating Mary's Image Biblical? When Alive On Earth, Mary Was She Honored and Did She Seek Honor?

PRAYER: What Tendencies Are to Be Avoided?

THERE are two extreme tendencies in the ministry. The one is to shut itself out from intercourse with the people. The monk, the hermit were illustrations of this; they shut themselves out from men to be more with God. The other tendency is to thoroughly popularize the ministry. He is no longer God’s man, but a man of affairs, of the people. He prays not, because his mission is to the people.

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