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May 18, 2019

DAILY DEVOTIONAL Saturday, May 18, 2019

2 Corinthians 13:5 Updated American Standard Version (UASV) 5 Keep testing yourselves to see if you are in the faith. Keep examining yourselves! Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you, unless indeed you fail to meet the test?... Continue Reading →

OTTC GENESIS 2:2: “on the sixth day God finished his work” or “on the seventh day God finished his work.”?

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran initiated a significant revision of this negative perspective. Among the multiplicity of texts at Qumran, researchers found fragments that share essential characteristics with the SP ... Continue Reading →

OTTC GENESIS 1:26: “and over all the earth” or “over all the wild animals of the earth”?

Codex Leningrad B 19A is the earliest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Scriptures (c. 1008 C.E.), which serves as a primary source for the recovery of details in the missing parts of the Aleppo Codex. The Aleppo Codex is an important Hebrew Masoretic manuscript from about 930 C.E. Codex Leningrad and the Aleppo Codex are the two most important Hebrew Old Testament manuscripts. ... Continue Reading →

The Syriac Old Testament

What Is Syriac? Syriac is the language of ancient Syria and one of the dialects of Aramaic, which was an official language of the Persian Empire. It was spoken in northern Mesopotamia and around ancient Antioch. In the second or... Continue Reading →

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