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May 17, 2019

DAILY DEVOTIONAL Friday, May 17, 2019

Walk Toward the Light If we are to walk with God, he must be real to us, as real as the Teacher, who stood before Israel for 1,500 years. We must see him as though he was right before our... Continue Reading →

NTTC LUKE 3:36: Who was Shelah’s father? Was it Cainan or Arpachshad?

P75 and D do not contain “son of Cainan,” in agreement with Gen. 10:24; Gen. 11:12, 15; 1Ch 1:18. Some manuscripts contain a second “Cainan,” between Arphaxad and Shelah. (Lu 3:35-36; compare Gen 10:24; 11:12; 1Ch 1:18, 24.) Most scholars take this to be ... Continue Reading →

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