Is The Bible a Catholic Book?

Catholics claim that they gave us the Bible: Is this true? The Catholic Church says that she is the “Mother” of the Bible because of her Council of Carthage in 397, at which she claims to have set the canon of the Bible. Is the Catholic Church the “Mother of the Bible”? And Catholics make the claim that Christians had not seen a complete Bible prior to the end of the fourth century?

CONSTANTINE THE GREAT: A Defender of Christianity?

[A.D. 272 – 337.] Many Christian scholars have given Roman Emperor Constantine the expressions “saint,” “thirteenth apostle,” “holy equal of the apostles”; while others describe Constantine as “bloodstained, stigmatized by countless enormities and full of deceit, . . . a hideous tyrant, guilty of horrid crimes.” Numerous confessing Christians have long thought of Constantine the... Continue Reading →

How Well Has the Old Testament Text Been Preserved?

Internal Conditions Judaism has always been a book religion: it stands or falls with the Old Testament, especially with the Pentateuch. Although no manuscript of the Hebrew Old Testament is older than the 10th-century B.C.E, save for one minute papyrus, we know, from citations, translations, etc., that the consonantal text of the Old Testament was... Continue Reading →

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