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August 21, 2018

THE BOOK OF ESTHER Chapter 2 Queen Esther Chosen

After the fiasco with Queen Vashti, King Ahasuerus appoints attendants to seek out the most beautiful virgins in all the 127 provinces of the Persian Empire and bring them to the city of Shushan. Thereafter, they were to be prepared... Continue Reading →


THE BOOK OF ESTHER Chapter 1 The King’s Banquets and Queen Vashti’s Refusal

Chapter 1 of the book of Esther begins in the third year of the reign of King Ahasuerus (AKA, Xerxes I), the son of Darius the Great. He is having his servants prepare an enormous banquet for the officials of... Continue Reading →

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Chapter 1 The Beginning of Knowledge

In ancient times when books were scarce, it was only natural that views on life and manners should be reduced into the fewest words possible, which could then be more easily committed to memory. In those days, people carried wise... Continue Reading →

INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: Extraordinary Wisdom for Everyday Life

Authorship Solomon is attributed as the author at the introduction of three sections of the book of Proverbs. (Prov. 1:1; 10:1; 25:1) This would be in agreement with that Solomon "spoke three thousand proverbs, and his songs were one thousand... Continue Reading →

DAILY DEVOTIONAL Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Do Not Allow Your Eyes to Wander from the Path of Life Proverbs 4:25 Updated American Standard Version (UASV) 25 Let your eyes look straight ahead, and your gaze be straight ahead of you. Let your eyes look directly ahead: This... Continue Reading →

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