TEENS: How Many Friends Should I have?

Some teens feel that their friends are a representation of who they are, or that the friends are what bring them genuine comfort. Some teens collect online friends thinking that the more they have, the better their social standing. Other teens are more practical, in that, they just have a small circle of friends, and... Continue Reading →

Genesis 3:8 BDC: Did God speak directly to Adam?

Generally, in the Bible, when God had dealings with the human family, it was by means of an angel. (Gen. 16:7-11; 18:1-3, 22-26; 19:1; Judges 2:1-4; 6:11-16, 22; 13:15-22) The primary person in Scripture, who spoke and had dealings with humans, as a representative of the Father, Jehovah God, was his only only-begotten Son, appropriately called... Continue Reading →

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