Maybe the Gospel Writer John Altered the Day That Jesus was Crucified Contradicting Mark for Theological Purposes?

If Jesus was crucified on Friday, how could He have been in the grave three days and nights? PROBLEM: Christ rose on Sunday (Matt. 28:1), but He stated that He would be "three days and three nights in the heart of the earth." If Christ was crucified on Friday, how could He have been three days and three nights in the earth and rise on Sunday only two days later?" Continue Reading →

Is the Bible Just a Good Book Written by Men?

The Bible itself says it is from God, but is it really? ‘The Bible contradicts itself’ ‘Men alone wrote the Bible’ ‘Everyone has his own interpretation of the Bible’ ‘It is not practical for our day’ ‘The Bible is a good book, but there is no such thing as absolute truth’ ‘I believe only the King James Version’ ‘I don’t believe in the Bible’ Continue Reading →

INTRODUCING The Apostle Paul

James Stalker and Edward D. Andrews Paul, The Apostle. Known as Saul of Tarsus before his conversion to Christianity and the most influential leader in the early days of the Christian church. Through his missionary journeys to Asia Minor and Europe, Paul was the primary instrument in the expansion of the gospel to the Gentiles.... Continue Reading →

WHEN Bad Things Happen to Good People

Shortly after a horrifying battle in one war-torn land, where thousands of women and children had been slaughtered; thereafter, being buried in a mass grave surrounded by markers, the following inscription on each marker was found: “Why?” What a painful question this is for the survivors of a tragedy: "why"? It is most often asked... Continue Reading →

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