TUCKER CARLSON – FOX NEWS the Shocking Verdict [of not guilty] In the Kate Steinle Murder Trial

TUCKER CARLSON FOX NEWS: Steyn on Kate Steinle Verdict: ‘A Miscarriage of Justice in the Profoundest Sense’

SEAN HANNITY FOX NEWS: ‘It Was San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Policies That Killed Kate Steinle’

There is a mixture of misinformation here. Yes, San Fransico sanctuary city is responsible for the death of Kate Steinle as is the illegal immigrant, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who had previously been deported six times. Zarate was found not guilty of murder.

RESPONSE: Therein lies the problem, the prosecution overreached and paid the price. They tried to convict Zarate of a first degree, or a second-degree murder, or manslaughter. Those were the three choices for the jury. Murder means that the Zarate must have willfully, intentionally planned the killing of Steinle. This is not even close to the case. Manslaughter means that Zarate meant to hurt Steinle but did not mean to take her life. This is ambiguous based on the evidence I have heard and would have been a hurdle as well. The best charges would have been reckless homicide or involuntary manslaughter. Either of these meant that you did something reckless, unintentionally and it resulted in a loss of life. By confusing the jury with these hyped up charges; the prosecution caused them to disregard the law. Had the prosecution stuck with the charges that fit the crime they would have gotten a conviction.

Again, by the prosecution, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity referring to this grave injustice though it is, they are contributing to the red herring of misleading or distracting from the actual crime. They are giving fuel to the public defender, who only needed to show there was no intent to commit harm even though the illegal immigrant Zarate did cause harm through reckless negligence. If they would have simply referred to the appropriate charges, the illegal immigrant Zarate would have likely been convicted. Watch all of these news videos and see the constant reference to murder.

Yes, it is a tragedy of the worst proportions because this illegal immigrant Zarate was deported six times and previously convicted of seven felonies. Had the sanctuary city San Francisco not released Zarate from jail, Kate Steinle would still be alive. Nevertheless, it was the overzealousness of the news media and the prosecution that compounded the tragedy by overcharging  Zarate, which allowed a public defense attorney the tools to get a not guilty verdict.

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