‘License To Rape’: Proposed Law Allows Little Girls To Be Married Off In Iraq

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This Blog is based on the news story: ‘License To Rape’: Proposed Law Allows Little Girls To Be Married Off In Iraq,

IN MANY MUSLIM COUNTRIES the age of sexual consent for girls is 9-years-old! The false prophet Muhammad married a little girl, Aisha when he was 54-years-old and she was only 6-years-old and he consummated his marriage when she was 9-years-old and he was 63!


IS THE QURAN THE WORD OF GOD?: Is Islam the One True Faith?

Book Description

is-the-quran-the-word-of-godIS THE QURAN THE WORD OF GOD? Is Islam the One True Faith? This book covers the worldview, practices, and history of Islam and the Quran. This book is designed as an apologetic evangelistic tool for Christians, as they come across Muslims in their daily lives, as well as to inform them, as a protection again the misleading media. The non-Muslims need to hear these truths about Islam and the Quran so they can have an accurate understanding of the Muslim mindset that leads to their actions. Islam is the second largest religion in the world. Radical Islam has taken the world by storm, and the “fake media” has genuinely misled their audience for the sake of political correctness. This book is not a dogmatic attack on Islam and the Quran but rather an uncovering of the lies and describing the truths.

The reader will be introduced to the most helpful way of viewing the evidence objectively. We will answer the question of whether the Quran is a literary miracle, as well as is there evidence that the Quran is inspired by God, along with is the Quran harmonious and consistent, and is the Quran from God or man? We will also examine Islamic teachings, discuss the need to search for the truth, as well as identify the book of truth. We will look at how Islam views the Bible. Finally, we will take up the subjects of Shariah Law, the rise of radical Islam, Islamic eschatology, and how to effectively witness to Muslims. 

Author Biography

EDWARD D. ANDREWS (AS in Criminal Justice, BS in Religion, MA in Biblical Studies, and MDiv in Theology) is CEO and President of Christian Publishing House. He has authored seventy-two books and coauthored and updated and expanded five books, as well as over 200 articles. Andrews is the Chief Translator of the Updated American Standard Version.


Book Description

UNDERSTANDING ISLAM AND TERRORISMIslam is making a significant mark in our world. It is perhaps the fastest-growing religion in the world. It has become a major obstacle to Christian missions. And Muslim terrorists threaten the West and modern democracies.

What is the history of Islam? What do Muslims believe? Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Why do we have this clash of civilizations? Is sharia law a threat to modern democratic values? How can we fight terrorists in the 21st century?

These are significant questions that deserve thoughtful answers. This book provides practical, biblical answers so Christians can understand Islam, witness to their Muslim friends, and support efforts by the government to protect all of us from terrorism.

Author Biography

KERBY ANDERSON is the President of Probe Ministries. He also serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, among others. He is the host of “Point of View” radio talk show and regular guest on “Fire Away” (American Family Radio). He is the author of sixteen books. B.S. Oregon State University (Zoology), M.F.S. Yale University (Science), M.A. Georgetown University (Government), Kennedy Institute of Bioethics (Washington, D.C.).


A CHRISTIAN’S GUIDE TO ISLAM: What Every Christian Needs to Know About Islam and the Rise of Radical Islam

Book Description

Guide to Islam-2The average Christian knows somewhat how dangerous radical Islam is because of the regular media coverage of beheadings of Christians, Jews, and even young little children, not to mention Muslims with which they disagree. However, the average Christian does not know their true beliefs, just how many there are, to the extent they will go to carry out these beliefs. Daily we find Islamic commentators on the TV and radio, offering up misleading information, quoting certain portions of the Quran while leaving other parts out. When considering Islamic beliefs, other Islamic writings must be considered, like the Hadith or Sunnah, and the Shariah, or canon law.

While Islam, in general, does not support radical Islam, the vast majority do support radical beliefs. For example, beheadings, stoning for adultery or homosexuality, suicide bombings, turning the world into an Islamic state, and far too many other heinous things. A CHRISTIAN’S GUIDE TO ISLAM provides Christians with an overview of Islamic terminology. The reader will learn about Muhammad’s calling, the history of the Quran, how Islam expanded, the death of Muhammad and the splinter groups that followed. In addition, the three sources of their teaching, six pillars of belief, five pillars of Islam, the twelfth Imam, and much more will be discussed. All of this from the mind of radical Islam.

While there are several books on Islam and radical Islam, this will be the first that will prepare its readers to communicate effectively with Muslims in an effort toward sharing biblical truths. A CHRISTIAN’S GUIDE TO ISLAM will be an effective evangelism tool. In addition, each chapter will end with review question, helping the reader recall the main points of the chapter. Therefore, it can be studied alone or in a church Bible study setting.


A CHRISTIAN’S GUIDE TO ISLAM has the contents constructed in a way that will greatly serve the Christian Church. There are many recent books written by Christians about Islam, and there are many books written recently about radical Islam. However, none of these recent books attempts to do what has been done, which is to give an adequate portrayal of Islam, critiqued by history and Christian doctrine, and then culminating in an extensive evaluation of the rise of Radical Islam from a Christian’s perspective.

If the reader will look at the Table of Contents for the book (see Look Inside Feature), they will find that Janosik’s primary focus is for Christians to understand Islam so that they can reach out to Muslims. Thus, the first part compares the traditional view with the historical view so that Christians can understand the false foundations of Islam. Then, in the second part, it shows how the belief system of Islam falls far short of the core beliefs of Christianity. Then, in the third section, it demonstrates how the false foundations and the faulty beliefs have led to radical Islam.

Therefore, Janosik ends up with a strong apologetic against radical Islam, but he is also able to provide a critique of Islam from a Christian perspective that is not found in any books on Islam on the market today. This is why A CHRISTIAN’S GUIDE TO ISLAM finds a very wide audience in the Christian world today. Christians are hungry to know about Islam, but they are also afraid and confused. They do not know what they should think concerning Islam, especially Radical Islam.

A Christian’s Guide to Islam will help both Christians and uninformed Muslims gain a good Christian perspective on Islam. In addition, it will help Christians understand and confront Radical Islam from a sound historical and biblical perspective. A CHRISTIAN’S GUIDE TO ISLAM will deal with a Christian critique of Radical Islam. However, it will also provide Christians with a sound understanding of Islam from a historical and doctrinal viewpoint, which is why this book is now the “go-to” book for Christians. Professor Janosik is often asked, “What is the best book I can get on Islam?” The answer is now found in A CHRISTIAN’S GUIDE TO ISLAM .

Below are some key themes that are highlighted in the book:

• The Traditional Islamic view does not hold up historically

• Islamic beliefs are diametrically opposed to Christianity

• The “Isa” of the Qur’an is not the Jesus of the Bible

• The Allah of Islam is not the God of the Bible

• The true intent of Islam is to dominate the whole world

• Radical Islam is the root of true Islam and the culmination of false foundations and faulty theology

• Christians will be better equipped to reach out to Muslims when they understand the actual history of Islam, the theology of Islam through Christian eyes, and the real reasons for the rise of Radical Islam.

• Radical Christian love is the best way to confront Radical Islam

Author Biography

DANIEL JANOSIK:  Director of Online Education, Director of Islamic Studies, Associate Professor of Apologetics (A.B., 1977; M.Div., 1988; M.A., 2004; Ph.D., 2011) Dissertation: John of Damascus, First Apologist to the Muslims

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