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The Gift of Having Your Wife or Husband As Your Best Friend

Proverbs 18:24 Updated American Standard Version (UASV)

24 A man of many friends will be broken in pieces,
but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

HUSBANDS - Love Your WivesHave we ever found ourselves in deep trouble or suffering hardship of some kind or another? And then have we had the comfort of the perfect, greatest friend that one could ask for coming to our aid, standing by us and giving us the much needed moral or material support? A husband and a wife should be the ultimate best friend. This bond and closeness should supersede any other person. Such a friendship between the husband and wife is not founded upon fleshly relationships; it rests upon the appreciation of the true value of the one befriended. Likely, many of us have seen fleshly relatives, who may have parted company with one another for any number of selfish reasons.

WIVES - Be SubjectHowever, the spouse, our ultimate best friend is a solid friend, who will be unwavering and will adhere to his or her friendship regardless of the trials or difficult situations, or the heart-searching circumstances that may develop. In other words, a true friend will love us in good times and bad times. A husband and wife best friend who really cares about each other is a person who shows each other unselfish concern. We feel closer to this one than any other. Our spouse is someone with whom we share our feelings. Our joys are doubled when we can share them with our mate. Our griefs are diminished by the sympathetic ear of a husband or wife. The difficulties of life are not quite as burdensome if we have a loving, carrying, kind, concerned, sympathetic spouse so that we do not have to face them alone.