PARENTS—Set The Example

Ecclesiastes 7:12 Updated American Standard Version (UASV)

12 For wisdom is a protection just as money is a protection,
but the advantage of knowledge is this: wisdom preserves the life of its owner.

how-to-study-your-bible1When parents make every effort to apply Bible principles in everyday situations, they will discover that their children will take note. This way, when the parent offers advice or counsel, it will carry far more weight. On the other hand, if the children see that you only occasionally apply of the Scriptures, they will not take either the parents or the Scripture seriously, because it is a double standard to ask the child to obey what the parent does not obey.  They will see the Bible as not being important, and not having little practical value. The responsibility of a parent is not just carrying for their physical, emotional and mental needs, but must also include spiritual needs as well. Thus, while school and a future career are both important, so is their spiritual welfare. The children need to see the value of ongoing personal Bible study, Christian meetings, and a ministry of sharing the gospel with others. Jesus trained his disciples to places the highest priority on spiritual pursuits. (Matt. 6:33) Thus, parents should have spiritual goals for themselves as well as their children.