Certainly, Christian parents would agree about the difficulties of teaching children. However, this will be the most important aspect of the Great Commission as parents. Children will be the parents’ most important students. Therefore, when one’s children freely choose God, it makes the time and effort eternally worthwhile. Psalm 78:7 Updated American Standard Version (UASV)... Continue Reading →

Inerrancy of the Scripture

"Inerrancy is the view that when all the facts become known, they will demonstrate that the Bible in its original autographs and correctly interpreted is entirely true and never false in all it affirms, whether that relates to doctrines or ethics or to the social, physical, or life sciences." The conservative evangelical stance on inerrancy was most recently and thoroughly... Continue Reading →

Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics

With commentary by Norman L. Geisler Reproduced from Explaining Hermeneutics: A Commentary on the Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics. Oakland, California: International Council on Biblical Inerrancy, 1983. Preface Summit I of the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy took place in Chicago on October 26-28, 1978 for the purpose of affirming afresh the doctrine of the inerrancy of... Continue Reading →

The Process of Doing Bible Research

Wise King Solomon, also known as the Teacher or Preacher, “taught the people knowledge, and he pondered and made a thorough search in order to arrange many proverbs. The Teacher sought to find delightful words and to record accurate words of truth.” (Eccl. 12:9-10) Luke, the author of our third Gospel, “followed all things accurately... Continue Reading →

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