Change of Scene

It used to be that when you used the internet, there was an extremely high chance that you were going to come across pornography eventually, even regularly because even innocent words typed into search browsers would bring it up. Now, there are security filters, such as strict, moderate, and off. This is very good about holding pornography at bay.

Humans are predisposed toward the pleasure that pornography brings. Why? Because all of humankind has human weaknesses, all are imperfect. All humans, sad to say, are mentally bent toward bad things that feed our improper, distorted sexual desires. All of us have an inner self that literally craves sexual immorality. Before defining what sexual immorality is, it should be noted that all of us have the capacity for self-control because all of us also have an internal moral compass, which if trained, it will control our thinking and behavior. Sexual immorality that most of the society finds wrong is behavior that is completely lacking in moral restraint, indulgence in sensual pleasure, driven by aggressive and selfish desires, unchecked by morality. This includes pornography viewing, adultery, and prostitution, sexual relations between people not married to each other, homosexuality, and bestiality. Pornography is internet images, films, magazines, writings, photographs, or other materials that are sexually explicit and intended to cause sexual arousal.

Because humans have an inner moral code, our conscience, you see that all countries and societies of history have very similar crimes: murder, rape, sexual assault, physical assault, stealing, arson, and so on. If not all humans had this inner moral code, wrong acts would be relative and countries and cultures would differ. It might be perfectly fine in one culture to kill people for any reason. It might be perfectly fine to rape children in some culture, where other cultures find it repugnant.

However, there are some in our so-called advanced societies today, who believe that pushing sexual depravity to unlimited levels is perfectly fine. The graphic nature of how we can now walk around, the movies we watch, the forms of entertainment that are legal is being pushed to its edges. Let me offer you an example that is in the news for the United States quite often. A teen girl (13-17) will go to school dressed like a prostitute, with her breast being exposed, her shorts so short you can see her panties, her shirt showing her stomach, and a teacher will have her sent to the office. The principal will send her home for being inappropriately dressed. The principal will explain in a note to the parents, who actually let her leave the house that way; she is a distraction to the young boys at the school and it is an inappropriate dress for such a young person as well. The post goes viral, the news media pick up the story and; then, the liberal progressive girls and women come out of the woodwork to argue that a teen girl has the right to dress like a street walker if she so chooses.

This liberal progressive mother then posts the school note on Facebook with the statement that her daughter’s clothes were fine. The so-called mother will then say, why should me daughter’s clothes be prohibited because boys can’t control themselves. The takeaway from this is boys and young men have two things against them in this. (1) The young boys have raging hormones in the extreme. (2) The part of the brain that controls the young boy’s rational and irrational thinking is not fully developed until they are about twenty-five. While these boys are responsible for their actions, for controlling themselves, it does not support their weaknesses by throwing pornographic images at them in the form of teen girls dressed like street hookers. The other takeaway is, the girl is dressing this way, not as a freedom of expression but rather with the intent to cause sexual arousal out of the young boys.

Pornography and scantily dressed females can sexually arouse even those who are determined to avoid it. I will not be so bold as to speak for women as I am not one. However, I will say that I have been told that this is just as true for the females. However, generally speaking, young men do not go around exposing themselves by dressing provocatively. Our society has encouraged provocative dress of young girls and women. I have seen girls as young as nine years old walking in the store with their mother, dressed as if they are a twenty-one-year-old prostitute. Therefore, pornography or girls and women who dress with the intent or even unintentionally, to cause sexual arousal out of others, they are having a negative impact on society.

THE OUTSIDERIf you, the reader, are trying to maintain self-control in this environment today, you face a greater challenge than your parents did or grandparents did when they were your age. The question is, how can you reject the problem of pornography? You can if you choose to, by first accepting the reality of the damages that it causes.

The liberal progressives above, the feminist movement today would argue that pornography is not bad, it is not demeaning to women, and it will not hurt you. There is irony in this because the woman’s movement a few decades ago was fighting for women, to not be used by male driven marketing campaigns by using sexual arousal as a selling tool. The ad, “sex sells” is a phrase that the entire world is aware of now. However, the militant feminist today argue that a woman can do whatever she wants with her body. The truth is that pornography does to your mind exactly the same kind of damage that smoking does to your lungs. The pollution is the same. It degrades the female engaging in the pornography and those who view pornography are aiding and abetting this moral decadence, degrading themselves as well.

Pornography is also like drugs. It must be fed in order for it to cause arousal. Those who have become addicted to hard drugs will tell you they started by smoking some marijuana here and there. The desire for a better high, a better feeling, led to harsher drugs. Then, the big switch took place in the drug addict’s life. At first, he or she was getting high to feel good, now they are getting high not to feel bad. Those who start down the path looking at material for the purpose of sexual arousal will find that certain images that use to arouse you no longer do. The conscience that I spoke of earlier has become calloused, to the point that basic pornography no longer has the same impact. You now need hardcore type pornography to get the same sexual arousal. This also will influence how a man views a woman and how a woman views a man. It will also have an impact on the sex life of a relationship to where the spouse is not able to have good sexual relations with their mate.

Some try to argue that pornography merely teaches the young about sex and is beneficial in that way. No, pornography is a selfless act, it only teaches greed and immediate gratification. It teaches the viewers to see others as objects for their sexual desires, not as humans. Again, those who regularly view pornography are far less likely to experience sexual fulfillment once they are married. If this person has been feeding their mind on a hardcore sexually explicit material, how is a wife to live up to that fantasy?

Thirteen Reasons to Keep Living_02Then, there are those that wish to use a guilt trip, saying those that see pornography as bad are simply narrow-minded and stuffy about sex. Rather, it is the other way around. Those who reject pornography have a high view of sex. They see sex as special, a gift that they only share in the marriage. They see the sexual relationship with their spouse as special, where they wish to see that sexual fulfillment realized, not some fantasy crowding it out.

Pornography and especially scantily dressed people are a regular part of our world today. If you wish not to engage in that debased form of entertainment, here are some things to consider. We know that there are certain circumstances that will increase the likelihood our seeing pornography. Make note of those things and ignore them. Set your internet so that it decreases the chance of running into pornography. If you view pornography as bad, it will make you more motivated to avoid it. Come up with the three most important reasons that pornography is bad and make them arguments to yourself aloud. Come up with action plans for when you unexpectedly run into pornography.