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Flirting is behaving in a playfully alluring way through words or actions that you are romantically interested in a person of the opposite sex. Is it wrong for you to show another that you are romantically interested in them? Not really, like most things, it all depends on your intentions. If you are interested in another romantically, it makes sense that you have to make your intentions known, if you are going to know if they feel the same.

However, flirting just when you have no romantic intentions toward another would be wrong. There are young popular persons in your school, who get most of the attention. However, even they have that someone that they are attracted too, secretly wishing the feeling were mutual. How would this popular person, who, on the surface, seems to get everything he or she wants, feel if that other person flirted with them, getting their hopes up, and they are not really interested all? It is fine to give someone special attention because you do want a romantic relationship. However, it only causes pain and hurt to toy with someone’s feelings, leading him or her on, and then pull the rug out from under him or her because you were never serious.

Why do some people flirt with others when they have no romantic intentions? Some are only concerned with their own exaggerated sense of self-importance. These ones know that everyone is interested in them, which causes a power trip where they crave the attention. This is an act of callous disregard for the other person’s feelings. The empty-headed like to treat life and others as their plaything. You should seek to do what is right.

THE OUTSIDERThe Dangers of Flirting

Flirting will ruin their reputation in the end. Yes, there is an immediate satisfaction from their crowd of friends. However, in the end, it will catch up with them because treating others like crap for entertainment will only be funny for a very select heartless few. If the person flirting for entertainment, having no real interest, continues down this path, he or she will discover that ninety-nine percent of the school will see them as disgusting. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t really want. Love doesn’t walk around arrogantly looking for attention, it isn’t full of themselves, it doesn’t show flirtatious interest on others with no intentions, it is not always thinking of itself.

Flirting will hurt the person you flirt with. There is not one young person who would ever want to be flirted with by a person, who is just seeking attention for himself or herself. Almost none would want to be around a person, who is flirty. They know that the only reason the flirt is even speaking to them is that it is a game. You see, in the end, no one takes a flirt serious because he or she could never really know his or her true intentions. Once a person has a reputation as a flirt, it is very difficult to undo. Try to do what is good for others, not just what is good for you. Think, have you ever thought for even a moment that someone was romantically interested in you? Then, you discover that you were wrong. The feeling is very painful and if things like this happen enough, it can lead to your not being able to trust anyone.

Flirting will destroy any hope of having genuine romance. Who would want to marry a person that has the reputation of being a flirt? Who would want to date a person that has a reputation as a flirt? How could you ever trust a flirt? He or she is seen talking one on one with someone of the opposite sex, the first thing in your mind is, complete suspicion that he or she is flirting. Moreover, how could you ever know if he or she truly loved you? You should never spend time with people who lie. You should never keep company with pretenders. Let me add a note to these last two thoughts. All of us have lied. Some of us have lied because it seemed like the right thing to do to avoid embarrassment or something that would hurt another. All of us have pretended in a relationship; try to be the best person we can. On a small scale, these are harmless to a degree. It is when a person is a malicious liar, having a desire to cause harm or pain to another for recreational purposes or even evil intentions. Flirts are not attractive people.

When a person flirts, they hurt people, who then tell others what type of person you are. The more you flirt, the further the word will spread, until one day; you have no one to flirt with, and no one to date romantically. If you do not stop with the flirting, you might as well prepare yourself for a lonely life of isolation.


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