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June 9, 2017

Genesis 13:5-11 BDC: Was Lot acting Selfish or Selfless in his choice of land?

Genesis 13:5-11 Updated American Standard Version (UASV) 5 And Lot, who went with Abram, also had flocks and herds and tents. 6 And the land could not support them while dwelling together, for their possessions were so great that they were not able... Continue Reading →


Genesis 12:10-20; 20:1-18 BDC: How could God let Abraham prosper by lying?

The standard of God is that there is no lying, which Exodus 20:16 makes all too clear, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” However, When Abram was forced to go down to Egypt, because of a famine,... Continue Reading →

Genesis 11:28 BDC: The term “Chaldeans” was not recognized until several hundred years after Moses. So, did Moses pen the term Chaldeans?

Genesis 11:28 Updated American Standard Version (UASV) 28 Haran died in the presence of his father Terah in the land of his birth, in Ur of the Chaldeans. (Bold mind) As this book has clearly demonstrated, Moses is the inspired author... Continue Reading →

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