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May 2, 2017

Genesis 2:4 BDC: “God” is used in Genesis chapter 1, while chapter 2 changes to Jehovah God. Does this mean that there are two different authors of Genesis?

The higher critics argue that every Bible verse that contains the Hebrew word for God, (Elohim), set off by itself has its own writer, designated by the capital “E” (“Elohist”). On the other hand, any verse that contains the Tetragrammaton,... Continue Reading →

Genesis 1:27 BDC: Were Adam and Eve Allegorical or Historical Persons?

Critical Scholars either consider Adam and Eve as a myth or symbolic persons, representing humankind. The evidence from the Bible, on the other hand, is that they are real historical persons. Before looking at the biblical evidence, let us note... Continue Reading →

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