problem child on black

No one or thing can cause us to get angry. No one or thing can cause us to be jealous. No one or thing can cause us to commit a crime. However, there are contributing factors that could compel us to get angry, be jealous or commit a crime. We might have a troubled childhood, we might live where gang activity is the way of life, we might have had abusive parents, we might have grown up in such poverty and lack of opportunities, all of which or any could contribute to our not having the life skills to cope in society. If a baby, child, and young adult are not given the love, knowledge, and skills to function within society, how are we to expect them to do so, or even be mad at them if they fail to do so? If a man buys a puppy, takes him home, and for the next two years, he kicks and punches that puppy daily; we would feel so sorry for that puppy and be completely outraged at the man abusing that poor little puppy. However, when other people take the puppy away, it is now a young dog, which is prone to growl and bite. Now, the former puppy is seen with hostility and frustration. Nevertheless, it is the same puppy that some were cooing over before and now it is seen as being unredeemable.

Many people care more about puppies than they do human babies. We live in a villainous world. Yes, every once in a while, we see acts of heroism, acts of bravery, acts of great love, but on the whole, we see far more wickedness, treachery, and so on.


We watch as a dozen girls on YouTube kick a younger teen almost to death for recreation. We watch the knockout games, as teen boy’s knockout seniors and women. We watch as teen’s poor gasoline on a homeless man and set him on fire for mere entertainment. We watch as a hundred persons stand around with their cell phones, recording another person being beaten to death.

We watch a bunch of teen girls beat one young teen senseless right before of a 6′ 2″ security guard in front of a store. He stands there and watches the whole thing, doing nothing. When asked why he did not help, he says, “I am only paid to protect the store.”


We watch as a bunch of teen rebels destroys neighborhoods. We watch as ISIS does what they do. They behead anyone standing in their way. They rape and traffic little girls. They molest little boys. They burn people alive for simply believing differently. They treat young women as though they are owned property.

We watch as white racist’s assault a young black girl. We watch as black racist’s assault a white mentally challenged young man live streaming on Facebook. We read millions of posts every day on the internet, with their sick and disgusting attacks on others for no reason other than, they can.


However, my goodness let us find out that someone mistreated a puppy. All Hell will break lose, liberal, conservative, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Muslim, American, Christian, or Jew; all will pull together to fight against the abuse of a puppy, to protect the life of an animal.





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