TUCKER CARLSON (Fox News): Confronts News Week Bias


Liberal Media Bias Is Prevalent In the Extreme

Donald Trump ran as a conservative, facing off against sixteen of the best conservative politicians in the United States. One-by-one he defeated them all. The mistake of the liberal media was, they feared that Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, John Kasich would easily beat the weak candidate Hillary Clinton. So, they decided early on to get Donald Trump as their respective nominee because, in their eyes, he was a clown and had no chance against Hillary.

What the liberal media did was simple; they gave Trump 99 percent of press time throughout the primary election. Trump really helped them in this as well. He often said provocative things to give the liberal media plenty to talk about. The best example was Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski as cohosts. Throughout the entire primary, they praised Trump, served as his apologist, and had him on the show regularly, as Trump just had to call in whenever he wished. They defended him at every turn and condemned some things just enough to barely keep the impression that they were objective.

The moment that Ted Cruz lost, the last GOP candidate, Joe and Mika turned on Trump, making way for Hillary. A blind man could see what they were doing. So, in the general election between Trump and Hillary, Trump faced the liberal ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNNN, Hollywood, New York Times and many other liberal papers, the internet, and so on. The mistake they made was, Trump was actually the only person who could have defeated Hillary and they made the mistake of getting him into play. Right after Trump won, Joe and Mika got back on the Trump train. The rest of the liberal media has fought tooth and nail to delegitimize the President-Elect Trump and get electors to change their vote Monday. This too will not work.

Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald

The guest, Kurt Eichenwald, just pulled the oldest trick in the conman books. It is like when one puts a hundred dollar bill over the top and bottom of a stack of one-dollar bills, so it looks like you have a bunch of hundred dollar bills. Eichenwald put a bunch of blank pages in a binder and put the title on there “Tucker Carlson Falsehoods.” Notice that Eichenwald never opens it, to flip through it. Notice too that Eichenwald repeatedly threatens to read one but never does. Tucker should have called him on it. He should have said, ‘open it, flip through them so we can see they are not blank pages and read one from the back of the binder.’ I cannot believe Tucker, of all people, fell for such an obvious scam.

Tucker pointed out that Eichenwald had once made a baseless claim about Trump being “institutionalized in a mental hospital for a nervous breakdown in 1990. Do you see a little irony that on one day, you’re criticizing the press for being lazy and inaccurate, and the next day you yourself are being lazy and inaccurate?” Tucker Carlson asked.

Of course, Eichenwald had no answers. The liberal progressives are in the business of spewing misinformation, lies, and half-truths, not offering answers to legitimate questions. The objective of the liberal is to play on emotions, throw our claims and make accusations that have no place, in reality, believing that most will not fact check them, and this was the case throughout this election cycle. Many times conservatives went out and interviewed the public, who had no knowledge of anything but tended to repeat talking points that they had seen on CNN. The problem they faced this time around was, Trump woke the conservatives up, and they stayed engaged the entire election process. The liberal woke the sleeping giant.

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